IRA Distribution Planning

At Burr Capital Advisors, we are dedicated to eliminating confusion and providing our clients with the information and resources they need to make financial decisions for their future. Investing for retirement is a financial decision many people make to ensure they are secure later on in life. There are several different types of accounts that retirees generally have, including: 

  • Taxable Accounts - These accounts usually include checking, savings, and other kinds of accounts where the interest and dividends are taxed at certain income rates. 
  • Tax-Free Accounts - As the name implies, tax-free accounts are usually funded with after-tax money and they are able to grow over time tax-free. 
  • Tax-Deferred Accounts - These accounts allow you to receive a tax deduction when they were funded, and are fully taxed whenever a distribution is made. 

IRA Distribution Rules 

Whether you’re ready to pull from your retirement savings to enjoy the finer things in life, or you are in a situation where you could use additional money, there are certain rules that you need to keep in mind before withdrawing from an IRA account. Rest assured, our team at Burr Capital Advisors is highly trained in this process and can help guide you through every step, providing you with a seamless and stress-free experience. 

Get Started With IRA Distribution Planning

 Now that you are aware that certain rules apply to withdraw from an IRA account, it’s time to take a look at your investments and create a plan of distribution with one of our expert financial advisors here at Burr Capital Advisors. 

Depending on your expected tax rates in the future, there is a certain order that is generally recommended to distribute your assets. Seeing as every person is different and invests their money in a variety of ways, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to distribution. That’s why our team takes the time to meet with you to understand your goals, and then creates an IRA distribution plan that will work best for you and your future. 

You’ve been saving your entire life for retirement so you don’t have to stress about money. It’s time for you to kick back and enjoy your hard-earned assets doing what you love. Our team at Burr Capital Advisors is here to help you reach that point with our IRA distribution planning services so you can enjoy your post-retirement with ease. Contact us today to learn more.